Founded in 1996 by Martin Desrochers, Madeco Construction has evolved into one of the largest real estate developers in the Laval region.

Madeco® got its start building single-family detached homes in the St-Sauveur region. In response to client demand, the company quickly branched out began designing entire real estate projects that married style and functionality.

Since its humble beginnings, Madeco® has built more than 2,000 units.

The Royal St-Martin stands out as the largest housing development in Laval. Strategically located in the heart of the city, the Royal St-Martin includes its signature condos as well as new condo project, Le Neuf.

Along with the Royal St-Martin, Madeco Construction is the mastermind behind the Royal Chomedey, a 600-unit housing development encompassing the Royal Chomedey condos, the Élite townhouses, and Triplex Royal Chomedey.

Several other projects are currently underway, including le Quartier de la Gare Ste-Rose, a new 500-unit, residential development, Les Berges de l’Île Vessot’s single-family homes in St-Paul near Joliette, and the beautiful woodland homesites of Les Sentiers du Roi Charles in St-Jerome.

Always striving to better ourselves with each new project, Madeco® has been awarded numerous prizes for the quality of our construction, including the Platinum Emeritus by The Quebec Construction Association – the industry‘s highest honor.